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Fuel50 Capability Trends Report™ 2021

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    Best practice guide to internal talent mobility


    Best practice guide to internal talent mobility

    Our partner Fuel50 has co-created with Leadgen a playbook for you to have all the best practice of internal talent mobility in same place.

    ”The demand for internal talent mobility is at an all-time high. The
    world is changing at an accelerated pace, and there is an urgent
    need for HR professionals to harness change as a catalyst for
    engagement and growth across their ever-evolving workforce.”

    ”Talent leaders have recognized that traditional talent management
    solutions make it more challenging for their organization to be
    agile. Now business leaders are starting to acknowledge the need
    for HR teams to have a fresh mindset that aligns with the new
    realities of supporting their dynamic and fluid workforce.

    Managers must, therefore, start thinking about their talent strategy
    in terms of the progression of their people who want to grow and
    add new value to the business. Meanwhile, Chief Human Resource
    Officers (CHROs) have an immediate opportunity to grow HR’s
    responsibilities for internal talent mobility to shape the future of
    their organization.”

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