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A Smarter Workforce makes smarter business

The solutions of a Smarter Workforce

We have a lofty goal – to reinvent work. We understand this is no small task, but we are not a small thinking company. We have worked to create solutions that help solve big problems. So then, what could be bigger than helping organizations reinvent their workforces so they can demand more? This is why we are proud to be an industry-leading platform for a Smarter Workforce. We look at it from two angles – empowering people and transforming business. Smarter Workforce is one of the most powerful workforce solutions that has been introduced. It is the combination of human insight, technology efficiencies and big data analytics that empowers business to not only help predict outcomes, but to drive them.

Applying workforce science, analytics, and collaboration tools to build a smarter workforce.

Global experience and best practices locally implemented

Balentor is SHL’s first local partner in Finland. In cooperation with SHL we are able to deliver global solutions, content and technology proven by some of the most successful organizations in the world and implement them with local know-how and agility.

Figure: Measuring, predicting and enabling performance: A powerful combination

Our solutions

The drive to improve companies is at the core of each product, service and solution we offer. We deliver solutions across the entire employee lifecycle that are backed by behavioral science insight and the combination of content, technology and services – and we are one of the only companies that can make this statement. We are experts in each stage of the employee journey. Where other companies focus on just one piece, we bring them together to create one of the best pictures for each company’s success.

Hiring – we help deliver a higher quality of candidate

Recruitment solutions

When it comes to recruitment solutions, you need a partner who can deliver the candidates you need – when you need them. That is why we focus on the quality of candidate – not the quantity. And it is why we have tailored our solutions to fit your needs – scaling as big or as small as you need. We create innovative strategies to identify and attract candidates to fill your pipeline, and we use leading technology and sourcing techniques to deliver active, passive and hidden talent pools to your door.

Employment branding

The key to creating a powerful employment brand is discovering what makes your company unique. We use proprietary cultural assessments to define your authentic brand. Then we translate the insights we have uncovered into creative communications that help attract the talent who will thrive in your company’s culture and retain the top performers who will shape it.

Assessment – predicting performance is what we do

Capacity assessments

We offer targeted assessments that uncover the innate talents, or reach and drive, a person is born with. Our Capacity Assessments include both behavioral and personality tests that reliably assess personality traits and behaviors, which are applicable in candidate and employee selection, development and evaluation. Job-related, balanced assessments identify candidates’ strengths and development needs with proven validity and no bias toward protected groups.

Capability assessments

Our Capability Assessments identify the acquired skills, education, background and experience of each individual. This series of assessments includes abilities tests, reasoning tests and skills tests specific to a particular job category. Our Capability Assessments are suitable for virtually all candidates, regardless of experience. And our contemporary range of employee assessments helps you sift large volumes of candidates quickly and easily – helping reduce time-to-hire and enhancing the efficiency of your recruitment process.

Culture fit assessments

Our Culture Fit Assessments are designed to reveal how well a candidate fits within the walls of your organization. They are ideal for high volume recruiting and can be used for multiple job families across multiple industries. They can help your organization greatly decrease turnover and enhance employee commitment and job satisfaction – increasing efficiency and overall performance of your organization.

Talent management – technology makes you productive, relationships make you successful

Recruitment technology

We know you need to automate the full cycle of talent acquisition from sourcing to hire, so our solution is designed to standarize the recruitment process to make it more efficient. This means you can more easily find the right talent for the right job at the right time, help adhere to government regulations and hiring practices, centralize talent data and leverage it across the talent management lifecycle, and respond to business growth objectives – helping you move beyond achieving hiring process efficiencies.


Onboarding new employees should be an experience rather than a checklist of tasks and processes. It is about transforming new hires into dedicated employees and getting them excited and engaged, connected to the company culture and productive in the shortest time possible. Our Onboarding technology helps you drive efficiency in your organization by standardizing and automating the onboarding process. It also accelerates time-to- productivity – increasing the achievement of employee performance milestones and enhancing employee engagement and retention.

Performance management

Optimizing performance is all about aligning, developing, guiding, recognizing, rewarding and engaging your employees. With enterprise-class Performance Management, including Succession Management, Goal Management and Compensation Management, our solution can help you enhance effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging talent data and tools that can help you better manage and develop your current talent, while identifying and implementing plans to help meet future needs.


Ongoing employee learning, training and development are important in improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of your workforce. Our Learning solution features industry-leading products that help you make better informed decisions and respond quickly to business needs. We offer solutions for formal and social learning, including classroom, virtual, online and mobile as well as collaboration, networking, sharing, and the ability to rate content and share experiences. Our Learning Suite can work as a robust solution or be implemented as a phased approach to help meet the growing needs of your company.

Compensation strategies – helping you invest wisely in people

Compensation solutions

We know that compensation is about more than just a line item on your balance sheet. It is about investing wisely in your company’s most important asset – your people. That is why we provide you the data, tools and solutions you need to help ensure that each compensation dollar is spent wisely for your company. Our compensation solutions include compensation software, compensation market data and executive pay data that help enable your company to fully leverage your investment – help ensure you have the information you need and you spend your money where it counts.

Organizational development – helping you translate employee feedback into business performance

Employee engagement surveys

We measure what matters at your company to help improve your business. Our Employee Surveys are designed to work the way you work, ask the kinds of questions you need to ask and then focus on the key items that you need in order to create a more engaged and productive workforce. Because when your workforce is engaged, your people work harder, stay longer, care more and find more gratification in helping your company succeed. While other companies can conduct surveys, few can actually make your company better. We stand by our commitment to help you improve your company by translating employee feedback into business performance.

Leadership development – creating better company leadership

Leadership solutions

Our approach to leadership focuses on measuring leadership capability and capacity through four distinct categories that represent the abilities of some of the best leaders in the world today, including Creating Strategy, Engaging Talent, Inspiring People and Achieving Excellence. We tailor our approach to your specific organizational needs to predict potential, measure capability and enable development of your leadership. Whether you are looking for solutions to identify emerging leaders, develop the skills of mid-level managers, or support Executive Leadership growth, we can help. And we do it through a combination of behavioral master classes, one-on-one coaching and virtual e-Learning.

Driving business outcomes through behavioral science

At the heart of what we do is who we are. We are one of the only companies that can predict performance, measure performance and help enable high performance. The reason is Briefthat we bring together each area of content – from our Employee Engagement Surveys to our Assessments to our Leadership Solutions. – from our Employee Engagement Surveys to our Assessments to our Leadership Solutions.


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Director of Analytics
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